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  • - by Matt
  • - by Andrew
  • - by Ryan
  • - by Donna

    Fetish Night, January 27th, 2003   photos by Donna Folland

    Violet Run and Tragic Black, May 10th, 2002   photos by Craig Helms

    Assemblage 23, Noxious Emotion, and Symbiont, April 13th, 2002

    Xingu Hill and Tamarin, March 9th, 2002   photos courtesy Xingu Hill

    Awaiting Treatment, February 16th, 2002   photos by Jeff Carlisle

    January 2002   photos by Madelyn

    The Cruxshadows and Bella Morte, October 12th, 2001   photos by Jeff Carlisle

    Alice in Wonderland Night, September 29th, 2001

    August 25th, 2001   photos by Ryan

    Opening Night, August 24th, 2001   photos by Ryan

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